Jacob's Milk Chocolate Polo


Jacob's Biscuits: THE ORIGINAL, THE BEST SINCE 1851

They have been in Irish homes for over 150 years since their founders William and Robert Jacob fulfilled the wishes of biscuit lovers everywhere. Now these Irish biscuits are in the kitchen presses, tins and jars of more Irish households than anyone else – not a bad feat for two guys from Waterford!

So grab your Jacob’s favorites and reminisce fondly, as we reel back the years and take you on a scrumptious journey of our biscuits throughout the ages!

Jacob's Milk Chocolate Polo: Traditional golden coconut biscuits, made with care for biscuit lovers everywhere to enjoy These however are smothered in rich milk chocolate.  – will you savor it slowly, or make it disappear in a couple of munches?  You decide!