St. Patrick's Day Survival Kit 2023


St. Patrick's Day......the best day of the year if you're Irish and we are ALL Irish on March 17th!!!


The Day After......Regrets??? will have a few!!!

Head's a bit sore.....hands are a bit shaky.....eyesight is a bit blurry.... mouth tastes like the bottom of a bird cage.....and the tummy feels like it will be getting 'Up Close and Personal' pretty soon with the porcelain throne!!!!

So .....who are ya goin' to call?????

Well, if you have been thinking ahead and know what's likely to happen, then you will have already ordered this little beauty to soak up all the 'fun and games' going on inside you the day after!!!

We have fresh Traditional Irish Soda Bread(1) , Fresh Irish Buttermilk Scones (4 Packs), Fresh Guinness Gingerbread (1 half loaf), assorted half loaves (2), and all the way from home we have imported Tayto Cheese and Onion Crisps, Irish Biscuits and some Bars of Irish Chocolate as well!!!!

So, although we might not be doctors here at Two and a Half Irishmen, we can help to get you through March 18th safely and ready to get back out there and face the world with a full belly and a happier head!!!


Available until March 17, 2023

*If any item(s) in this basket are unavailable, we will replace that item(s) with an item with an item whose value is equal to or greater than the value of the item or items being replaced. Photograph of this product does not necessarily reflect what will be in your basket.